Amanda From Sam And Colby?

Who is Amanda from Sam and Colby?

Amanda is an American YouTuber and actress who rose to fame after appearing on the YouTube channel Sam and Colby. She is known for her vlogs and comedic skits with her friend Colby Brock. Amanda has over 4.7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and is one of the most popular influencers on the platform.

Amanda’s Early Life and Career

Amanda was born in 2002 in the United States. She met her friend Colby at school and began creating content together in 2016. They gained a following quickly due to their funny skits, vlogs and pranks. They have since become one of the most popular YouTube collaborations with over 4.7 million subscribers on their channel.

Amanda’s Content

Amanda and Colby mainly create comedic skits and vlogs. They also have a series called ‘The Midnight Society’ which is a horror-themed series featuring the two of them. They post videos to the channel every Wednesday and Friday. They also do live streams on their channel every Wednesday night.

Amanda’s Other Projects

In addition to her work with Sam and Colby, Amanda has also appeared in movies such as ‘Molly’s Game’ and ‘I Feel Pretty’. She has also appeared on television shows such as ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘The Office’. Amanda is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram, where she has over two million followers.

Amanda’s Success

Amanda’s success on YouTube has enabled her to collaborate with many other popular YouTubers such as David Dobrik, Emma Chamberlain, and James Charles. She has also been featured in many magazine articles and has been on several TV shows. Amanda has also been able to use her influence to help raise money for various charities.


Amanda from Sam and Colby is an incredibly successful YouTuber and actress. She has been able to use her influence to help raise money for charities and collaborate with other popular YouTubers. She continues to create content that is entertaining and captivating for her fans.

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