Andrew Tate Let’s Not Meet?

Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a professional kickboxing champion, entrepreneur and YouTube personality. He is best known for his involvement in the horror YouTube series Let’s Not Meet. The series follows Andrew as he visits remote and creepy places that he finds on Google Maps. His adventures often involve strange occurrences, ghostly encounters and some downright terrifying experiences.

YouTube Career

Andrew Tate launched his YouTube channel in 2015 and quickly gained a following with the Let’s Not Meet series. The channel has since grown to over 300 thousand subscribers, with the videos garnering millions of views. In addition to Let’s Not Meet, Andrew also makes vlogs, reviews, and videos about his many interests, such as his martial arts training, paranormal activity, and his travel adventures.

Kickboxing Career

Andrew Tate has competed in numerous professional kickboxing fights. He is a two-time world champion and was the first ever K-1 World Grand Prix Champion. He has also competed in mixed martial arts, winning multiple fights. He currently holds the record for most consecutive wins in the K-1 organization.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Andrew Tate is a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of the website, which provides career advice and resources to gamers looking to make a living from their passion. He has also created a line of fitness supplements, as well as several other businesses.


Andrew Tate is an incredibly successful and multi-faceted individual. He is a professional kickboxing champion, entrepreneur, and YouTube personality. His YouTube channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and his Let’s Not Meet series has become hugely popular. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, having founded several successful businesses.

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