What Happened To Kirill Bichutsky 2020?

Kirill Bichutsky’s 2020 Disappearance

Kirill Bichutsky, also known as “Slut Whisperer”, was one of the most controversial figures on social media before he suddenly disappeared in 2020. Bichutsky was a professional photographer and internet personality, best known for his wild lifestyle and posts promoting parties and alcohol. He had over a million followers on Instagram and was a major influence in the nightlife scene.

The Disappearance

Bichutsky’s disappearance was sudden and unexpected. On March 17, 2020, he posted a cryptic message on social media saying “I’m out”. After that, he disappeared without a trace. His fans and followers were left wondering what happened to him and why he left without a word.

Speculation and Theories

Theories and speculation have circulated around Bichutsky’s disappearance. Some believe that he was trying to escape the spotlight and the controversy that had been following him. Others think he may have gone into hiding due to a legal issue or due to being in financial trouble.

What We Know for Sure

What we do know for sure is that Bichutsky’s disappearance has been a mystery since 2020. There has been no sign of him since then, and all attempts to track him down have been unsuccessful. It’s possible that he is still out there, living a quiet life, or he may have disappeared completely. Only time will tell.


Kirill Bichutsky was an internet celebrity who was known for his wild lifestyle and party-promoting posts. He disappeared suddenly in 2020, and there has been no sign of him since then. Speculation and theories have circulated around his disappearance, but no one knows for sure what happened to him. Only time will tell if Bichutsky is still out there, or if he has disappeared forever.

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