Where Is Carlina White Now 2022?

Carlina White is a living miracle whose story of abduction, reunion and survival is nothing short of remarkable. In 1987, Carlina was just 19 days old when she was abducted from a New York City hospital by a woman posing as a nurse. After an extensive police investigation and a 22 year search, Carlina was reunited with her family in 2011.

Early Life

Carlina White was born on July 15, 1987 in Harlem Hospital, New York City. Her parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson, were thrilled that their first child had finally arrived. Little did they know that tragedy was just around the corner.


On August 4, 1987, a woman posing as a nurse took Carlina from the hospital. Her parents had been temporarily away from the hospital, and when they returned, Carlina was nowhere to be found. The woman had managed to get away with their daughter, and the abduction was registered as a kidnapping.

Long Search

What followed was a long and difficult search for the little girl. The police put out an APB and searched for Carlina for two decades, but to no avail. Joy and Carl were desperate to find their daughter, but it seemed like she had vanished without a trace.

Surprising Reunion

In 2011, a woman named Nejdra Nance contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children with a startling revelation – she believed she was Carlina White. After a DNA test, it was proven that Nejdra was indeed Carlina, and Joy and Carl were reunited with their long-lost daughter.

Where Is Carlina White Now?

Today, Carlina is 33 years old and is happily married to her husband, Michel. She lives in Georgia with her family and works as a nurse. She’s also a motivational speaker, sharing her story of survival with the world.

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