Where Is Claudia Conway Now?

Claudia Conway is an American social media influencer, daughter of former White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway and George Conway. In recent months, she has become a household name due to her outspoken criticism of her parents’ politics and her activism against President Donald Trump. But where is she now?

The Rise of Claudia Conway’s Social Media Fame

Claudia Conway gained fame in 2020 due to her social media presence. She has amassed over a million followers on TikTok and is a vocal critic of President Trump. She has used her platform to speak out against the president’s policies, calling them out for their racism and sexism. She has also become a vocal advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Claudia’s Controversial Relationship With Her Parents

Claudia has had a tumultuous relationship with her parents, especially her mother, Kellyanne Conway. In late 2020, she publicly criticized her mother for her role in the Trump administration. She also accused her of being complicit in the president’s policies. This led to a very public and sometimes heated debate between Claudia and her parents, with many accusing Claudia of being disrespectful.

Where Is Claudia Conway Now?

Claudia Conway is currently living in New York, where she is attending college. She is still active on social media, and continues to use her platform to advocate for social justice, particularly the Black Lives Matter movement. She has also been working on her own music, and recently released her debut EP. In addition, she has been using her platform to encourage people to vote in the upcoming election.

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